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A remote villages, a barren lake depression, ordinary township a state-level poverty-stricken counties in, rely on their own strength to turn bad into good, the shore of Huaihe, where the dogged by bad luck transformed into a green "Global 500" "national AAAAA class tourist area". Ten years of hard work, unusual, well-known in the province, well-known in the country, the world-famous eight Li River and then innovative performance, the northern Anhui Huaihe pearl into a national well-known brands.

I. scenic spots

The Eight Mile River tourist area is located in southern Anhui province Yingshang County eight Town, south of Huaihe, east of the Ying River, eight kilometers north from Yingcheng City, West to Fuyang 60 kilometers, 170 kilometers southeast from Hefei. The main park covers an area of 3600 acres, the "world scenery", "Splendid China", "blue Tour", "Niaoyu lin". "World scenery" miniature world famous architectural Greek temple of Zeus, the French army of Triumphal Arch, Berlin, Holland, Germany the big windmill, the Grand Canyon, the sacred church ten major scenic spots. "Beautiful China" in the oriental architecture art, melt the essence of traditional Chinese culture, the Soviet style garden, roll stone cave, BAIQUESI, Kuanyinshan, 100 Longting scenic spots. "Blue Tour" the king of twelve zodiac island distribution in 3000 acres of lake, ornamental animal are wild, wild ass, bears, zebras, hippos, seals, deer, yak etc.. "The forest" covers an area of 3 hectares, feeding birds nearly a hundred, Green Peacock, white stork, white tailed eagle, swan, vultures, Macaws, ostrich etc..

Cultural landscape and the natural landscape, but the natural landscape is the eight river charm, three natural scenery, located eight in the town of armed bird 3D animation. Tens of thousands of acres of water lake scenery, there are thousands of acres of neat small fishing pond landscape; 4 thousand willow tree, willow lake amorous side, dancing in the wind, the e-Na scene; birds have hundreds of categories, the experts here is necessary in the Yangtze River to the east of Siberia birds rest, tens of thousands of geese in the Ming Dynasty beach foraging, countless egrets on the sky line here be not at all surprising.

Two. Honor

Eight in the town is a typical lake wetland WA, past water fierce, difficult water drainage, water back into the ocean, into a wasteland, frequent droughts and floods, harsh natural environment, low level of productivity, farmers per capita income of less than 200 yuan, the life is very poor. Eight people in the river despite the desire to get rich, but not blindly, beggars, but according to the principle of ecology, scientific and rational transformation of the adverse natural environment, the former Secretary of the Party committee under the leadership of Zhang Jiawang, the town of fifty thousand people together miraculously completed the Eight Mile River Tourist area. She is like a bright green pearl, inlaid in the land of Huaibei, attracted the attention of all walks of life, but also won the honor from all walks of life.

1, environmental protection, the world's 500 best"

In early 5 1993, the Eight Mile River received a message from the United Nations Environment Programme, awarded the Eight Mile River "Global 500 best" title, and praised the Eight Mile River for sustainable development and the protection of one party's outstanding achievements in water and soil. The Eight Mile River surface water quality meet the national surface water quality standard I.II environment, air quality, the main air pollutants in the annual average value is low, in line with National Nature Reserve, a class of air quality standards of scenic areas. Many birds, good ecology, environmental protection of "Global 500" in our province only Yingshang XIAOZHANGZHUANG River in eight and two.

2, "national AAAAA class tourist area""

In October 2013, the Eight Mile River tourist area was granted the title of "national AAAAA class tourist area" by the State Tourism administration. "National AAAAA class tourist area" represents the highest level in the tourist area. To receive this award, the Eight Mile River tourism has become the only northern national AAAAA class tourist area, highlighting the important position of the river in eight tourist areas in the north of Anhui Tourism Tourism in Fuyang, Anhui, Fuyang tourism Yingshang River in eight, tourism is the supporting base stone Yingshang ".

3, "national agricultural tourism demonstration sites" "

In 2004, Li River town became the first national agricultural tourism demonstration spot in the country in eight". The agricultural landscape of the eight Li River shows a three-dimensional animation of land, sea and sea. There are flowers, willow green wheat fields, the land of the golden rape flowers, birds Elique, Yanming Lake in Tsurumai air, fish play, crab swim. Around the Eight Mile River tourist theme parks, there are 12 kinds of agricultural sightseeing spots: value Park, culture area and ornamental point. The planting area such as wheat, rice, rape, strawberry, wild rice, lotus root and water chestnut pool etc.. Pond lotus planting in the Eight Mile River has a long history, the peak can reach 5000 acres, every summer and autumn season, the blue water set off, spectacular. Aquaculture areas such as fish ponds, fish breeding farms, etc., only wins Tian Wei, fish ponds up to 1500 acres, planning neat, ecological cycle, scientific and effective. There are several viewing points of bird island, Lake Bai Luzhou, Lake Ecological birds, especially birds observed birds gathering in crowds and groups of ups and downs, is particularly spectacular.

4, the first national youth environmental education base has been built

Eight Li River environmental protection construction has received the China environmental protection foundation. In October 2nd eight the river tourist area officially became the first Chinese Environmental Protection Foundation youth education base, the United Nations Environment Programme in China on behalf of national politicians, who the ball at the scene, Ju Ping and Jie Xiaodong not only to the fun, or eight in the river environmental education personnel. The establishment of the base provides a vivid environment education platform for teenagers, as well as the development of a tourism project.

5, other honors

In 1991, Fuyang was designated as a water conservation area

It was approved by the provincial government in 2001

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