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National AAAAA class scenic spots balihe tourist areas

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The Eight Mile River tourist area is located in the eight in Yingshang County of Anhui Province town, East Ying River, south of the Huai River, as the best in all the land of farmers Park, known as the "Northern Plains a piece of pure land, good natural environment was awarded by the United Nations environmental protection" five global Pokka "," scenic spot is a national agricultural tourism demonstration sites "Anhui Province, was listed as the provincial nature reserve, national 5A level scenic spots, National Water Conservancy Scenic Area and 2016 beautiful Chinese ecological tourist destination.

The tourism district covers an area of 15.8 square kilometers, divided into Niaoyu Lin, western, Eastern, twelve yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties flower island five major scenic spots. Bibowanqing, an exquisite scenery, antique, mesmerizing. Scenic Chinese and Western architecture in one, is the charm of architectural culture and landscape culture. Visitors walk on Zhanqiao, the vast expanse of water in the foot; take boat tours, twelve flower island in four; in the Ming and Qing Dynasties ancient residence, a brick, cornices brackets suture. To experience different artistic conception of the world.

The Eight Mile River Tourism undertaking and beautiful scenery has been widely praised, fame. Party and state leaders Hu Jintao, Wen Jiabao and other successively visited the Eight Mile River and gave a high evaluation. "The big change, and promote the disaster to build homes" as premier Comrade Li Peng summarizes the Eight Mile River tourist area construction and fully affirmed.

The Eight Mile River beauty, beauty is in the lake water, glittering sunshine, air and rain also odd color. The Eight Mile River of the United States, the United States in the rows of willows, swaying in the wind, very pretty and charming; not to mention the deep canyons, towering temples, circuitous bridges, not to mention the lotus leaves, lotus ten, all hauntingly in ecstasies over.

Over the years, the Eight Mile River tourist area has been to her natural and cultural heritage, elegant and magnificent welcomes eight visitors, send Sihai friends, visitors can not only perceive the "ecological Anhui, dream water" beautiful, long more cultural heritage of ancient architecture.

Welcome to our eight mile River to visit, to see the pastoral scenery, experience farming culture, appreciate the Huaihe customs, enjoy the wonderful three Ming and Qing Dynasties, really return to the natural, wandering ancient culture. Pipe home, leisure paradise, industrious eight Li river people look forward to your visit!

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