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Brief introduction of China Environmental Protection Foundation eight Li River youth environmental protection propaganda and education base

Date:2017-02-16  Views:10655

Two 00 October 2nd four China Environmental Protection Foundation set up river national youth environmental education base in the first eight years, the United Nations environmental protection department's chief representative Xia Kun Bao, China Environmental Protection Foundation, the State Environmental Protection Administration, province, city and county is committed to environmental protection work of the politicians at the scene held a ceremony, CCTV children show host Ju Ping, the famous singer Jie Xiaodong debut, and the obligation to play the eight rivers environmental education ambassador.

The eight rivers have access to environmental protection in the "Global 500", "national civilized town", "national AAAAA class tourist area", the first batch of "national agricultural tourism demonstration sites", in eight in the establishment of the first river environment foundation youth education base, is certainly full make on the river in eight aspects of environmental protection and a great encouragement. Party and state leaders Hu Jintao, Wen Jiabao, Li Peng, Zou Jiahua, Qiao Shi, SiMaYi YiMaiDi, and so on have come here to inspect. Vice Premier Hui Liangyu pointed out: "we see the river in the eight years she did not have a unique style of tourism agriculture, the advantage, but she created the advantage, creating a new landscape, provides a valuable research topic, Cos is the new Human effort is the decisive factor." State Councilor SiMaYi YiMaiDi was eight in the river inscription "tourism agriculture model", eight in the development of river people adhere to the scientific concept of success, out of a premise to protect the environment and realize the sustainable development of economy, society and environment road. The central and provincial more than 50 media have reported eight river environmental protection business history, fighting performance, as early as 90s, Japan's Asahi news agency on the topic "a Eight Mile River, given the reported number of ebullience, overseas media rushed reported eight river environmental protection construction in the achievements.

The base of Qu Geping's title and "protect the environment, the inscription for the benefit of mankind", and shows at home and abroad hundreds of pieces of photographic works, bright and vivid reflection of the human society and the earth can not avoid the deterioration of environment. The exhibition is divided into five parts, one is "only one earth"; the two is "devastated land"; three is the "shocking Massacre"; the four is the "industrial civilization" intrusion "suffering"; five is "the call of green". The sponsor through these pictures actively promote "protect the environment, love our home, from the start, begin from me" in society, improve people's awareness of environmental protection, especially the extensive warning education of environmental protection in the young people, to promote the development of China's environmental protection.

Environmental protection is a global era of great issues, the base through pictures, aimed at educating the vast numbers of young people, protect the environment, start from me, and raise awareness of the people's environmental protection.

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